How Mobile Technology is Redefining Marketing?

By AppsDevPro | Friday, November 19th, 2021


The global mobile internet user penetration has exceeded half the world’s population. The average time spent accessing online content from a mobile device such as a tablet computer or wearable is increasing among Millennials.

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Gone are the primitive days when marketing was limited to newspapers, magazines, door-to-door marketing or cold calling. While these methods still exist, mobile technology has transformed face of the marketing industry.

Considering the increasing time spend on mobile devices, there are areas of marketing that have been transformed by digital are the speed, relevance, and reach of campaigns.

New wave of Augmented, Virtual & Beacon Technology

Mobile marketing is all braced to take on the next level with emerging technologies like Augmented, Virtual, and Beacon among others. These technologies will redefine personalization and create different virtual, physical, and digital experiences. Several mobile app development companies are offering specialized mobile app development services leveraging emerging technologies to redefine marketing.

Beacons: Taking Personalization to the Next Level


For marketers in particular, beacons allow more precise targeting of customers in a given area. A customer approaching a cosmetics counter in a department store can get updates from beacon installed about promotions or information specifically to merchandise displayed.

Beacon Marketing offers companies unique and interesting ways to engage with customers. It’s interesting to note that beacon technology can offer unique and interesting ways to engage with customers.

Statistics show that consumers are willing to use mobile device as a means to get an integrated shopping experience. Beacon marketing is helping marketers reach out to audience by creating a highly personalized experienced such as sending discounts or sending most recommended products, and more.

Beacons also take promotions at live events and exhibition to next level with features such as exhibitor information, maps and more. Event organizers can also capture real-time information during events for actionable insights.

Augmented Reality & Marketing: Helping Bridge Gap between Online and Real World

While still in nascent stage, marketers are taking advantage of Augmented Reality to add a different perspective to marketing. With the success of Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality is now going mainstream and becoming highly preferred among consumers.

Marketers and agencies are anxious to use augmented reality with their audiences. One such successful example of Augmented Reality implementation to connect with end-user is IKEA.

IKEA catalog app. used image-recognition technology that identified digital layer on the top of print catalog. Users could scan catalog pages with a plus sign using their smartphones or devices. This allows users to assemble products or place virtual furniture in homes to determine practical use of furniture in house.

Courtesy: IKEA

IKEA catalog app quickly became one of the most downloaded branded apps in the world. Most importantly, IKEA catalog application revolutionized shopping like never before for its customers.

One more instance of using Augmented Reality is when NHS launched augmented reality billboard campaign to show importance of blood donations.

Courtesy: NHS/

This innovative campaign allows participants to virtually fill up a bag of blood on major ad screens in both Birmingham and London. The message displayed thanks participant for “seeing the power of a blood donation” and requests participants to register as donors.

Rise of Chatbots

A chatbot is a computer program that mimics intelligent conversations with humans. The ultimate goal is not just searching for information, rather getting answers to questions from chatbots.

Several brands such as Kik, Uber, and Sephora are using chatbots effectively to interact with customers and drive engagement. They’re becoming an innovative marketing tool for brands.

Engagement is cornerstone of marketing strategy. A chatbot provides “humanized” way for brand to engage with customers.

Notifications & Messages: Overcoming App Fatigue

Multinational companies are spending millions on mobile advertising, making the app world a highly competitive and saturated world. Engaging customers is becoming a daunting task causing “app fatigue”

Mobile marketers are turning their attention to new mobile channels such as push notifications and messaging which are fast becoming focal point of every app’s engagement and retention strategy.

Simplicity of design is the driving force behind the success of push notifications and messaging. And of course, the fact that they are free for users.


The popularity of mobile technology among marketers is helping brands understand user behavior, enhance customer loyalty, and gather data about their customers to become more digitally aware and make informed decisions.

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