Top 15 JavaScript Frameworks in 2022

By AppsDevPro | Monday, June 6th, 2022


There are many programming languages in use today. JavaScript is one of the top languages among them. It is also a very popular language and has many frameworks. In this article, we have enlisted 15 top Javascript frameworks to help you find the best one for your web development needs.

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In this article, we take a look at the best JavaScript frameworks in 2022. JavaScript has proven to be popular in the last few years, especially with the introduction of the newest ECMAScript standard – ES6 (also known as ES2018). Frameworks are used to give structure to web applications, making them more organized and easier to maintain. Here’s our list of the top 15 JavaScript frameworks that you should consider using in 2022!

But before that let us take a look at what is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that is used primarily for web development, but can also be used in many other applications as well. It was created by Brendan Eich of Netscape and first appeared in 1995. JavaScript has been standardized since 1997, with two major revisions (ECMAScript 3 and ECMAScript 5) and three minor revisions (the latest being ECMAScript2018).

JavaScript can be used to create interactive effects on websites. Since it is popular, there are many frameworks available to help streamline its use, such as AngularJS or jQuery.

Why Use JavaScript?

But why should you use a JavaScript framework? If a front-end developer knows his or her way around one of these frameworks, they can write much more efficient code. The same functionality is possible to achieve when writing from scratch, but it requires much more time and effort. In addition, skilled developers will find that they are able to reuse pieces of code from other projects by using some open source libraries that have already been written for them.

Because web technology is constantly evolving and changing, learning how to work with new frameworks is not something you want to avoid doing if you want to remain relevant as a business.

Now Let Us See the Top JavaScrfipt Frameworks of 2022

1) Angular 2.0

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While it might seem odd to mention AngularJS and Angular 2.0 together, Angular 1 will remain an important framework for another few years. After all, it’s what makes most SPA frameworks tick. However, by 2022 AngularJS is at its end of life with no new development being conducted.

Instead, it’ll be a tool of choice used only when needed by those working on existing projects built using AngularJS (until they too can migrate them to something else).

All of which will make room for Angular 2.0, a completely rewritten framework with a new architecture and development style. While it’ll still be an MVC framework, Angular 2.0 is built on TypeScript rather than ECMAScript 5, making it easier to develop large-scale applications.

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2) Reactjs

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Source: React

Released by Facebook in 2013, ReactJS is a popular choice for building user interfaces because of its support for pure functional programming, a fundamental design paradigm that promotes simpler code. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, major corporations like Netflix, Airbnb and Amazon use React.js for web development projects.

The open-source framework has also proven to be an invaluable tool for enterprise software developers working on large applications. According to Stack Overflow’s survey, it ranks as one of today’s most highly used JS frameworks – second only to AngularJS.

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3) Vue.js

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Source: Vuejs

Vue.js has been gaining momentum recently, especially among startups and other small companies with limited budgets that can’t afford to build large applications using Angular or React. It’s a lightweight (15kb minified) framework that is easy to pick up because it takes an approach similar to Angular 1, but with some improvements.

Vue has excellent documentation, great performance on large applications and supports hot reloading of your code during development. It uses plain HTML templates, so if you are working in a team of people that aren’t familiar with how dynamic web apps work it can be easier for everyone involved. It also offers advanced features like server-side rendering and routing support out of the box without having to create custom plugins.

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4) TypeScript

The reason TypeScript has made our list of Top JavaScript frameworks is that it allows programmers to write applications using Microsoft’s popular C# language. This allows C# developers to easily begin using it. Furthermore, TypeScript is making strides for both server-side and client-side development; some companies have even begun using it to develop desktop applications as well. As one of our experts predicted, it will do great this year.

It is a great framework for developing both large-scale web applications and video games thanks to its extensive tooling system and wide range of third-party libraries such as Cocos2d-x. All things considered, TypeScript will be more important than AngularJS, another expert added.

5) Aurelia

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Source: Aurelia

Aurelia is a modern framework for developing single-page applications. One of its main goals is to provide a set of tools for building desktop apps, and it was created by developers from Durandal Inc., who are experts in that field. A few highlights of Aurelia include easy routing, web components support and a large collection of plugins—more than 600 at last count.

Aurelia also has full integration with many popular CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Material Design Lite, which gives it an edge when working with designs provided by third parties. It’s an open source tool written in TypeScript. (TechRepublic)

6) Meteor

Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time that it would take using traditional methods. Built with Node.js, Meteor includes everything you need to build apps from small ones like landing pages to enterprise applications. Apps built with Meteor are reactive, fast, and easy to maintain—there’s no more backend server to manage, no frameworks or boilerplate code to write.

You can focus on coding your app and let Meteor handle all of your users’ requests as they come in real time, as well as their data and documents. This is what’s known as realtime programming; you simply have to define some variables when your user signs up and Meteor takes care of them from there on out.

7) Redux

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It helps you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are easy to test. On top of that, it provides a great developer experience, such as live code editing combined with a time traveling debugger. And all of that is built on top of a solid library ecosystem.

Even if your app is not written in React yet it will probably be built on top of one of its many bindings eventually. Considering how popular React Native has become recently—with large applications being written almost entirely using Redux—it’s safe to say React itself might rely on Redux fort coding as well!

8) DurandalJS

As a follow-up to AngularJS, it is focusing on making frameworks for mobile development. Durandal follows a similar model as Angular, by using HTML templates and using controller functions to create views. This makes Durandal ideal for creating dynamic web applications1. It uses routing to determine when and where to display views in a web browser or mobile application.

This can be done by mapping URLs to specific views on different pages of an application or by loading a view when a user interacts with objects within an application. However, Durandal goes beyond what you would typically see from other frameworks such as Backbone and Angular because it also integrates dependency injection into its framework.

9) Nodejs

The trendiest framework at present. Nodejs is an open source development platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

It allows you to write server-side applications so easily that most developers can get started with it without having to learn a single line of code for writing backend code using any programming language! (JavaScript) . It is highly recommended if you are considering to start building your own app from scratch.

10) ExpressJs

Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js that allows you to build a complex network of servers easily and quickly. It uses MVC architecture that makes it easy to scale your app as well as to maintain its code.

Express has an extensive list of built-in functionality, including support for databases, middleware, routing, template engines and more. Express is one of Top JavaScript frameworks

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11) Backbone.js

If you’re trying to develop a large-scale application, it pays to have a framework behind you. Backbone.js has gained enormous popularity as one of the go-to options for web applications, but as more options have become available over time, it has dropped a bit on Stack Overflow’s survey.

Backbone was created by Jeremy Ashkenas and first released in 2010; since then, dozens of plugins have been written to accompany it that take care of repetitive coding tasks. Unlike Angular or other single-page speciality frameworks, Backbone is meant for apps with more than one page that need backend data integration and validation. But its popularity is declining because many developers feel there are too many competing frameworks at play right now and that makes choosing one difficult.

12) Polymarjs

One of JavaScript’s biggest advantages as a web development language is its cross-platform capability. The sheer volume of different development environments, from OS X to Windows to Ubuntu Linux and beyond, means you can use your same programming skills everywhere. But what if you wanted to code once but deploy anywhere?

That’s where Polymarjs comes in. It allows developers to code using Polymer syntax on a web-based app, but then export it all into native iOS or Android apps without having to learn Objective C or Java. The technology behind Polymarjs is pretty advanced and mostly unknown outside of research circles right now, so not much of developers have skills in this.

13) Svelte Js

Svelte.js is a framework for developing web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is a strongly-typed, functional reactive programming library that compiles to plain JavaScript using Babel. The library was developed to help build interfaces with a reactive behavior. Its main goal is to offer developers with complex UI rendering, a way of generating all of it at runtime without having any kind of knowledge about HTML or CSS.

Instead, Svelte relies on manipulating raw DOM elements by directly accessing their related Document Object Model (DOM) properties as well as setting new values on them whenever it’s needed. This functionality is bundled into components that can be reused throughout an application and are even parameterized and customizable by end users who know nothing about code at all.

14) Knockoutjs

Knockoutjs is a development framework for dynamic, data-driven user interfaces. It is an implementation of MVVM designed to simplify code organization and improve responsiveness with large datasets, and provides declarative bindings between HTML elements and model objects. Knockout was one of many JavaScript libraries and frameworks to try to unseat jQuery as a web development tool; while it hasn’t been as successful, it remains popular in some circles.

A version called Knockout Closure Compiler (KOC) was created by Google engineers to help develop apps using Closure, another Google product that compiles Javascript into bytecode that runs on Java Virtual Machine. KOC also allows developers to write closures without including any extra HTML markup when they’re published on Google’s servers.

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15) Emberjs

Ember.js is an open-source web framework for creating ambitious web applications that was first released in 2011 by Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale and team at SproutBox. It has been adopted by companies such as Groupon, LinkedIn, Vine and Live Nation as well as many others. With over 40 contributors its now backed by a large community of developers.

It features a strong convention over configuration design and is based on a template compiler which can compile templates into highly efficient JavaScript functions for better performance. Its one of our favorite frameworks to work with because it takes away a lot of boilerplate code when building applications like login pages, routing etc… It also ships with templating language called Handlebars which produces clean readable code when working with templates.


There are many frameworks and libraries for building applications with JavaScript. The list is growing everyday, and new standards for apps development emerge every year. Some of them are backed by big corporations that are trying to standardize their apps (for example, React Native), but there will always be a new framework taking over from its competitors. It’s pretty hard to keep track of all these things while they keep changing as time goes by. Hence, you can pick up one of these frameworks most suitable for your web development needs.

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