10 Top Backend Programming Languages for Android Apps

By AppsDevPro | Wednesday, December 6th, 2023


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There are a bundle of options to create an Android app, but what’s the best backend programing language for Android app development? This is one of the most common questions that probably you asked when deciding upon on next app development project. To make it easier, we have a complete guide to the best programming languages for backend development.

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If you are planning to develop an Android application, then knowing about programming languages or tools used in android app development is very important as these applications are developed on top of specific platforms and these platforms need to be handled by special programming languages or tools. 

A few years ago, when it comes to developing a mobile app, there was one code for iOS apps and one code for Android apps. But with the increasing advancement in technology and emerging backend programming languages, developing a native app has become much easier, faster and simpler.

To kickstart your app development process all you need is you determine what type of application you’re developing. Hiring mobile app developers that can understand your project needs and have expertise in top programming languages.

But unfortunately, it is not as simple as it may sound!

As the new year is just around the corner – developers and tech giants are curiously eying up for the latest technologies to be integrated into the software development industry. With so many technologies launches every year, predicting the future of software development is by no means a simple task. 

While we are not fortune tellers, using our own predictions, experience, and expertise, we try to provide you with a list of the best backend programming languages.

Let’s get started with the best backend programming languages.

10 Most Popular Backend Programming Languages For App Development 

In the world of mobile app development, one question keeps coming up again and again— what programming language should I use to create my app? 

The possibilities are endless, from Android-specific Java programming to more general backend frameworks like Python or Ruby on Rails. So before you hire an Indian Software Developer, you should consider this post. It will give you some options when deciding on your backend programming languages for your Android apps.

From where we should start and what are the best backend programming languages we should have covered?

According to Statista, Javascript is the most used programming language for software development whereas Python, Java, C#, C++, and more are the near competitors of the JavaScript language.

backend programming languages

Image Source: Statista

So let’s evaluate each language to make the right decision.

1. JavaScript: Most Popular Backend Programming Language

Backend Programming Languages

Image Source: calltutors

JavaScript is an extremely one of the best backend programming languages and is excellent for developing a backend for software applications. A majority of developers like to use it for a backend because it is open-source, light, and dynamic. It is also more powerful than some other languages, like Python for example.

JavaScript can be paired with many frameworks, like AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, KnockoutJS, and so forth. It is usable in any type of web or mobile app development project and would be ideal for all sorts of software projects.

What are the benefits of using JavaScript as a Backend programing language?

  • You’ll never have to worry about it not working across platforms, as its cross-platform capabilities mean that all your documents will remain compatible with all platforms.
  • It offers you a variety of ways to make changes according to your preferences with the vast ecosystem of frameworks, libraries, modules, and plugins it includes.
  • This language requires only a small level of programming skills, and it can be mastered relatively quickly.
  • It has an asynchronous control flow, which is more efficient and so makes programming much easier.
  • Because of its one-threaded nature, performance is much improved on multi-core processors.

Hopefully, these benefits encourage you to hire mobile app developers in India to get started with the Android app development project. However, JavaScript also has drawbacks, such as scalability issues, and it’s not fast for use in situations requiring an increased speed of execution. Even though its syntax is off-putting, it becomes more expressive and concise once you adjust.

2. Java: Top Backend Programming Language

key features of java

Image Source: Tatvasoft

The Java programming language is one of the most used backend programming languages in the world. This robust and versatile language was originally developed by James Gosling and released in 1995. 

Since its release, it has gone on to become one of the most popular and widely used backend programming languages in the world. However, before you get straight into the process of hiring Android app developers in India, you must know what type of app backend you can create. What are the features of Java and more? 

Java has a broad range of applications, spanning from gaming to enterprise software development. It can run on any operating system that supports an interpreter for this language, such as Windows or MacOSX.

Java is object-oriented programming (OOP) language, meaning that programs are built around objects with data fields, methods that are called upon by other objects, and behaviors that define how they interact with each other.

What are the significant advantages of using Java in Backend development?

Java has a number of advantages, including

  • It is object-oriented programming (OOP) language, which helps developers create more efficient and easy-to-read code. 
  • Java also provides automatic memory management, which lets the programmer focus on writing code instead of worrying about memory issues.
  • Finally, Java is an open-source language that is available free of charge, making it accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately, Java does have some downsides as well. It’s considered slower than other backend languages like Python or Ruby. Java also doesn’t work on Windows computers. For these reasons and more, many developers look for other alternatives as well.

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3. Python: Best Backend Programming Language For App Development

Python is another outstanding backend programming language that was first introduced in 1991. This object-oriented, functional, and dynamically-typed server-side language is popular among developers due to its easy-to-read syntax. Indeed, you can read this language the same way you read English.

This being the case, there’s talk about Python’s usage and popularity among programming communities. It tops the list. According to a Statista survey, JavaScript came in at 2nd for most desired technology, as well.

Backend Programming Languages stats

Image Source: Statista

With major companies like Shopify, Spotify, Google, Uber, and Instacart trusting Python, this language has demonstrated that it has what it takes. You can grab the opportunity to hire software developers in India to kickstart your app development project with Python. What are the key features of this language? Is it the right backend programing language for Android app development?

What Features Make Python a Winner Over Other Languages?

Here are the key highlights of Python that make it special over others.

  • Scaling is well-taken care of, thanks to its concurrent programming model that ensures graceful degradation when the program becomes flooded with simultaneous requests.
  • It’s faster than Java, and it requires less time to build an app.
  • It’s easier to debug because many specialized IDEs have been designed for this specific task.
  • It has the ability to store large amounts of data without the need for extra software or programs.

The one downside of Python is that it doesn’t offer any protection against SQL injections, which could compromise your database, potentially leading to costly fines and problems with major implications. You can pay developers in the Python field to use the language’s backend.

4. C#: The Most Popular Backend Programming Language for Android Development

Backend Programming Languages

Image Source: Edureka

C# (pronounced see-sharp) is one of the general-purpose, backend programming languages designed by Microsoft as part of their .NET initiative.

It is used to create both console and GUI applications and usually runs on the Microsoft .NET Framework. C# was developed because many developers were dissatisfied with the dominant languages in use at the time, C++ and Java. It offers significant improvements over older languages such as C++ without compromising programmer productivity.

C# has two major releases available: an open-source release under the permissive MIT License and a closed-source one under a commercial license that can be purchased from Microsoft or other vendors. But before you hire Android app developers in India to kickstart your development process, it is worth knowing the significant advantages of C#…

What are the significant advantages of using C# for app development?

You need to know these features which make C# a prime choice for developers.

  • The code runs very quickly. You can also use it to create CLI applications and games.
  • There is also cross-platform compatibility, garbage data management, and object-oriented programming in C#.
  • For backend development, ASP.NET Core and .NET MVC are some popular C# frameworks.

C# is a great programming language, but it has some drawbacks. One drawback of C# is that the programs written in this language are not cross-platform compatible. This means that C# programs can only be used on Windows-based operating systems. Another downside of C# is that the code must be compiled before running it, which means you have to wait while your computer generates an executable file before you can actually use your program.

5. PHP: Counted as a Most Trusted Backend Programming Languages

PHP is one of the most mature backend programming languages which has been around for a while and, as a result, has strong connections with databases like SQL. For people looking for that option, it is a fine option. While its syntax is not as elegant or swift as that of some newer languages, that does not make it a bad option for applications where it meets requirements.

It is likely that PHP would be the best backend language for Android app development because it is easy to understand, and it allows scripts to run directly in browsers – allowing one to easily access data from different sources.

Backend Programming Languages stats

Image Source: csschopper

Dynamic Features of PHP as a Backend Programming Language are:

  • Supports many databases including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, etc. 
  • Easily interface with Web technologies like AJAX and JavaScript 
  • Support for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix variants * Allows dynamic generation of web pages on the fly without reloading the page 
  • Designed to be embedded in HTML code or Apache server configuration files (i.e., phpinfo(), which shows the php version)

Before you come to any conclusion, you should know that despite being the oldest backend programming language, it also has some limitations, One of the drawbacks of PHP is that it has a poor memory management system. This can make PHP run slowly and cause crashes. It also doesn’t offer support for functions such as ‘strings.’

6. Node.Js: Empowering Seamless Backend Solutions

According to the W3Tech survey report, more than 30 million websites have used Node.js, almost 1.4% to 2.2% of all websites worldwide. 

Node.js is a cutting-edge, event-driven, and lightweight backend programming language that has revolutionized web development. With its powerful capabilities, it enables developers to build scalable and high-performance applications that can handle a massive number of concurrent connections. 

By leveraging JavaScript on both the client and server sides, Node.js streamlines the development process, promoting code reusability and a unified development ecosystem. Its vast collection of modules and an active open-source community make it an ideal choice for building modern, real-time web applications with ease and efficiency.

Top Reasons For Using Node.Js For Backend Development

  • Non-blocking, event-driven architecture for high scalability and performance.
  • Extensive package ecosystem with NPM, facilitating rapid development and code reusability.
  • Seamless integration of JavaScript for full-stack development, reducing context switching for developers.
  • Ideal for real-time applications, web servers, and APIs with its asynchronous capabilities.
  • Large and active community support, ensuring continuous updates and improvements.

These features and qualities have made Node.js the best backend programming language for various businesses. Industry tech giants like Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, PayPal, Walmart, and more have put their trust in Node.js and built a powerful app. 

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7. Ruby: Elevate your Backend with Elegance and Productivity

In 2023, Ruby continues to shine as one of the best programming languages for its elegant syntax and developer-friendly design. With a strong emphasis on productivity, Ruby empowers programmers to build robust and scalable backend solutions efficiently. 

Its vast community-driven ecosystem, led by the Ruby on Rails framework, fosters rapid application development, making it an excellent choice for creating web applications, APIs, and other sophisticated software projects. 

Embracing Ruby in 2023 means embracing a language that remains steadfast in its commitment to simplicity, readability, and creativity.

Why Businesses Should Rely on Ruby For Backend Development?

If you are doubting whether Ruby is a reliable backend programming language for your business project, then you should go through these points:

  • Ruby’s elegant syntax and developer-friendly design enhance productivity and code maintainability.
  • The Ruby on Rails framework provides rapid application development, reducing time-to-market for businesses.
  • Ruby’s vast community support ensures continuous updates, security patches, and access to numerous libraries and gems.
  • Its scalability and performance make it suitable for handling growing business demands and heavy traffic loads.
  • Ruby’s focus on readability and simplicity reduces development time and minimizes potential errors, ensuring a robust backend.

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8. SQL: Unleashing the Power of Data for Seamless Backend Solutions

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a fundamental and indispensable backend programming language designed for managing and manipulating relational databases. With its intuitive syntax and declarative nature, SQL allows developers to interact with data efficiently, performing tasks such as querying, inserting, updating, and deleting records with ease. 

Its ability to handle complex data operations and ensure data integrity makes SQL a reliable choice for powering backend systems, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of their data-driven applications and deliver seamless user experiences.

According to the survey report, SQL is used by 49.43% of developers and has been commonly used by companies to create a powerful backend. 

Backend Programming Languages stats

Image Source: Statista

Key Features of SQL 

Here are the few reasons why SQL is still demanding backend programming language among businesses: 

  • Powerful querying capabilities for extracting, filtering, and analyzing data from databases.
  • Support for data manipulation operations such as inserting, updating, and deleting records.
  • Robust data integrity mechanisms including constraints, transactions, and referential integrity.
  • Ability to define and manage database schemas, tables, and relationships.
  • Efficient indexing and optimization techniques to improve query performance.

These are a few most important features of SQL that can make it the best backend programming language. All you need is to hire a full-stack developer in India that can help you build a full-fledged app using a strong backend. 

9. Kotlin: Empowering Backend Excellence with Modern Simplicity

Kotlin hailed as a versatile and expressive programming language, excels as a top choice for a variety of software development tasks. Its seamless interoperability with Java fosters easy adoption in existing projects, while its modern syntax and rich standard library streamline development efforts. 

mobile apps in kotlin

Image Source: zestminds.com

Kotlin’s strong type system and null safety features help eliminate common runtime errors, enhancing code reliability. Embracing Kotlin means embracing a language that effortlessly balances conciseness, safety, and scalability, making it a preferred choice for building robust and maintainable applications across different platforms.

Why Businesses Should Put Their Trust On Kotlin For Backend Development?

  • Seamless Java interoperability allows for smooth integration with existing Java codebases and libraries.
  • Modern syntax and rich standard library boost developer productivity and code maintainability.
  • Strong type systems and null safety features help prevent common runtime errors, enhancing application stability.
  • Kotlin’s versatility caters to backend development across multiple platforms, promoting code reuse and scalability.
  • Officially supported by Google for Android development, ensuring long-term viability and community growth.

These are the few top features of using Kotlin for the backend development that you should know. 

10. Golang: Powering Scalable Simplicity in Performance-driven Development

Golang, also known as Go, is an open-source, statically typed programming language designed for efficiency, simplicity, and concurrency. Developed by Google, Golang’s syntax is clean and expressive, enabling developers to write efficient and maintainable code. 

Its native support for concurrent programming through Goroutines and channels makes it ideal for building high-performance applications that can efficiently utilize modern multi-core processors. With rapid compilation times and a strong focus on performance, Golang stands as an excellent choice for backend development, microservices, and other systems where speed and scalability are paramount.

Why Golang Is Still the Best Backend Programming Language?

  • Golang’s efficiency and speed make it ideal for building high-performance backend systems.
  • Native support for concurrency through Goroutines enables efficient utilization of modern hardware resources.
  • Its simple and expressive syntax enhances code readability and maintainability.
  • Rapid compilation times accelerate development cycles, boosting developer productivity.
  • Strong community support and continuous improvements ensure Golang remains a reliable and future-proof choice for backend development.

These are the few most common features of Golang that make it popular among developers and enable you to develop a strong app backend.


Since the Google app store captured a significant market share of 70%, therefore, Android app development can bring an exciting field that provides many opportunities to grow and learn. But to get started all you need is to hire software developers in India to create a successful app. However, whether you’re looking to get into the industry or are a seasoned professional, using a backend programming language can help you build more robust apps that take advantage of all of the features in the latest versions of Android.

If you have any project idea in mind and are still not sure which backend programming languages s you should use, then AppsDevPro can be your ultimate destination. You can drop us a query or contact us


What are Backend Programming Languages?

The backend programming language is the code that runs on the server. It provides a way to interact with a database and retrieve information from it, as well as store new data in it. This is what makes backend programming languages so valuable to developers.

Why It is Important to Choose the Right Backend Programming Languages?

Backend programming languages are one of the key components of mobile app development. It is important to choose the right backend programming language because it can help your app to be high-performing and scalable. 

What Are The Leading Backend Programming Languages?

The most common backend programming languages are Java, C++, C#, Python, and JavaScript. Each of these languages has its own benefits and drawbacks which will suit a particular developer or project better than others.

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