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You will find the answers to frequently asked questions of different services.

Do you have industry experts in your team, who can help my team if they are stuck with any technical issues such as coding or integration services?

Yes, our industry experts are with us only, and even less experienced developers are also assigned their team leaders if they get stuck with the development process, so they can easily connect with them and sort the issue out immediately. There would be no hurdle from our side until and unless it’s not from your side.

How can I make payments for my project to you?

Our business executive team will inform you how to pay the bills. Our customers can pay bills as per their major preferences that include PayPal, wire transfer, and credit cards.

How will you assure the business continuity in pandemic such as Covid?

Now, our team is used to working from home and if anything comes in they are prepared now to work remotely from across the world with the advanced tools and technologies that include Skype, Google meets, and many more.

How can I manage the performance of my developers?

There are several tools available to manage the performance of the developers such as Zoho and jira. Apart from this, you can communicate with your developers on a constant basis with Skype and Slack.

Will I get access to the project management tools and time sheet?

Yes, you will complete access to track performance and attendance of your developers.

If there is an issue of copyright or any other such as information and details leaked, then will you take responsibility?

Yes, definitely we are there and to stay committed to our words we sign an NDA contract before starting on your project. In any part of the violation, we take full responsibility for your processing and will sort the issue out.

Will you sign the Non-disclosure agreement before starting my project?

Yes, we will sign the non-disclosure agreement with all our clients and it helps us to deliver successful results and with that, we keep all your information fully confidential and secure.

What support will you provide me from your end?

We are here to provide you with full support for our customers. From outsource to the selection, we are available for our clients. We are available for our clients full time even after providing their team to them. Apart from this, our experts will have constant checks on the different intervals.

What if I hire resources but they will not be able to perform as per my expectations?

We will have a constant check on the performance of the employees and if still comes out from your end then we will talk to them and clear the queries of the developers so they can perform well but still if doesn’t work we will replace your developer with the other one.

Will your developers be able to work with our in-house team?

Yes, the developer or team who will be assigned you will work as an employee for you and will be responsible for the teamwork and the duties assigned to them.

Why should I hire a developer for my project from you?

We will understand your requirements and then assign the developers to you. For your entire project, we will be available for your answer will not only hand over the developers but also check them on the regular intervals to ensure to launch the successful solutions. Our responsibility doesn’t over by offering you the best developers but we also take responsibility for the high performance and stable solutions that deliver high-quality web and mobile applications.

Will you assign the project manager for my project?

Yes, to supervise the project and to meet the deadlines we will provide you the project manger

Are there any additional charges to hire developers from you?

No, there are no hidden charges to hire developers from us.

What is the average experience your developers have?

Our developers have experience of 1 to 10 years and most of our developers are in the range of 3 to 5 years of experience.

What types of payment models do you have for the Indian developers?

We have different payment models for our clients that include bank wire transfers, online credit cards, PayPal, etc.

I require developers in bulk, will you provide any kind of discount?

The discount process is fully dependent on your project requirements and the size of your team.

I have never worked with remote employees but now with your different modules how can we operate a team and motivate them?

During covid now virtual offices have turned as the trend. With the different tools and technologies, solutions such as video conferencing help us to connect face to face with the developers that don’t allow us to realize the distance between the employees.

What you refer from the dedicated team?

Dedicated team refers to the team who is expertise with the different tools and technologies as well as to deliver the powerful solutions in the market. They look after your requirements and match them with the latest technologies.

What is the procedure for hiring dedicated developers?

The process of hiring the dedicated team is simple and effective. The client has to share the requirements and we will connect them immediately to discuss the further project demands. Furthermore, we will schedule the interview process and assign developers to you .

Do your developers work in the flexible shifts?

Yes, our developers will be available as per your timing zone.

What are the major benefits of outsourcing the project?

Outsourcing is the new trend as it offers several advantages such as delivery in a shorter period of time, hiring industry experts from all over the world and many more.

How long will the hiring process take?

We will try our best to meet all your requirements as soon as possible. We will offer you the resumes for selection within 48 hours and the further process can be conducted as per your availability.

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