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Business Analytics Platform



  • Business Analytics on six social media platform data
  • Thrift server API integration roadblock
  • Crawler and Algorithm performance when social media connection reached 10K

AppsDevPro Solutions

  • Created common base classes for individual Social media platform and a master crawler that crawl data from social media APls and store into Hbase Database
  • Hadoop Framework
  • Cloudera Manager configuration Hadoop Cluster creation
  • Common Crawler for crawling and parsing social media user data
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Integrated Highcharts API to present score and Analysis in an interact ve and appealing way
  • Created priority algorithm to identify new and old users and prioritize data crawling of users
  • Insert processed data from Hbase to MySQL

AppsDevPro Approach

  • Social Media APls analysis and integration for six different media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedln, Google Plus and Instagram)
  • Identified API to calculate influence of content on social media as well as influence of an individual over friends
  • Applied Agile Sprint Approach
  • Created a separate infrastructure and provided client access to local infrastructure using VPN
  • Developed three Java Algorithm for individual user social media activities such as likes, comment, mention,tweet and calculate score for them

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