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Client Requirement

The client, a roofing professional with 20 years of experience in the roof construction industry wanted us to build a unique application with advanced features — using technology to quote jobs by estimating material costs required for roof construction. The application was to overcome major hurdles faced by professionals in the roofing industry everyday like creating Roof Diagrams, providing measurements and calculating materials required, and providing more precise information to clients regarding the material requirements and the quotes.


  • Obstruction marking and different representation for different obstructions.
  • Calculating Pitch area
  • Performance of the application, considering the fact that it uses lot of device memory
  • Report generation (containing complete operations) performed for a specific project.
  • Getting original picture of the roof
  • Edit Drawings for a plan that has already been created
  • Creating drawing tool for marking different elements like Origins, Node and Edges.
  • Dormant Marking for the roof image.
  • Roof measurement to include edges, inclinations.
  • Representing each line as a separate marlcing
  • Two Synchronization with Server

AppsDevPro Approach

  • Calculate measurements by providing scale for one line, while length of others will be auto calculated.
  • Create roof drawing over an ’image‘ of the roof.
  • Capture Screen shot from top of roof for creating a drawing via Google AP).
  • Save drawings as vector graphic since modifying image every time doesn't give provision for measurement.
  • Create report in PDF format.

AppsDevPro Solution

  • Used Google API for capturing image of the roof
  • Multi-finger gestures to differentiate nodes and edges
  • Drawing is saved as object with help of serialization and de-serialization
  • Complete ‘user session‘ is saved in objective manner to be modified at any stage
  • Mark each line with separate color, based on its type
  • Complete ‘user session‘ is saved in objective manner to be modified at any stage
  • Default set of symbols like Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Ellipse and Cylinder are provided for marking different kind of obstacles

Technical Details

  • Device Supported: iPad
  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or Later

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