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Goals to be set :

Augmented Reality can meet a broad spec- trum of goals linked to the promotion of value in the editorial domain. Therefore the project was targeted to meet the following goals.

  • Reduce cognitive overload on the reader
  • Increase quantity and types of information available in the same act of enjoyment
  • Increase the level of “presence” and en- gagement experienced by readers
  • Improve the performance of readers in learning and retaining information

Barriers which we need to cross :

Although going forward with the development of Augmented Reality ap-
plication seems to have a huge potential into the market, there wer
e some factors which might have slowed down process of AR app
Some of the factors:

  • To create special content areas especially targeted to advertisers directly inside magazines and newspapers
  • To design and create new types of immersive and interactive thematic special inserts
  • ’training” the algorithm to recognize key features within the original content or marker
  • Triggering of different contents such as multi-vendor ecommerce module, contest participation, coupons & vouchers within scanned marker

Our Approach and solutions :

What emerged from our analysis is that AR provides significant added value, both on the cultural and on the commercial levels, to paper-based publishing products, without the need to completely replace them.

  • Developed open APIs which supports the integration of content from visual recognition into publisher's CMS and/or the reverse
  • Use of tools and workflows which simplify and accelerate the produc- tion of 3D objects of suitable interest (with interactivity) and conform- ing to the needs of a variety of end user devices
  • The reference image (or many different versions of the same target area) was first uploaded so that all the features can automatically get extracted and stored in a database
  • A separate web-based panel was provided to all the vendors to manage their products and their orders

Final thoughts :

Augmented reality advertising campaigns have immense potential to drive huge revenues and sales. Augmented print media provides additional information in a more engaging way.

Impactful advertising of products using cutting-edge technology provides enriched user experience and ascends the perceived value of brands & products.

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