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eCommerce Mobility Solutions

eCommerce Mobility Solutions

This is an example of one such engagement where multiple resources of different technologies like"RoR, PHP, Yii, Falcon,iOS" operated at different times as per the need.The set up at AppsDevPro replicated an Offshore Development center (ODC) that operated for Ecommerce Company located adifferent place aton the globe.

Start of Business Engagement

The engagement started with a small website development in RoR for the domain of an ecommerce for a new establishment in 2013. According to client's business plans, they had requirement for mobility solution implementation.

Our team visited various facilities that they had and understood the process of how things work for most of the first week. Once that understanding was in place, it was followed up with a research and brainstorming process after which a plan was set to build the following as a part of the mobility solution.

  • Ecommerce: Front end Customer Application
  • Enterprise Pay: A digital wallet app
  • Enterprise Stock: Web and Mobile based stock and Warehouse Management
  • Enterprise Transfer: A delivery app for Agents
  • News Stand - Digital Book: e-Book purchase and reader
eCommerce Mobility Solutions

Ecommerce: Front end Customer Application

An application for the end customers of the website to have ability to place orders from the mobile device. This compliments that website with regard to the features and functionalities and few of its capabilities are as listed.

  • Shop by Category by browsing products
  • Add to Wish list and ability to save for later in cart
  • Place Orders, View history of Orders their details and Track them while shipping
  • Save Card and Address information which will be easy to use
  • Payment using wallet
  • Time based Deals or Date wise Deals

All the functionalities incorporated in the application were in a phase wise approach while the website saw a progress in its features from client side. Some of them were included once the mobility solution like wallet, stock management were in place.

Once there was a seamless platform across web and mobile that custom- ers can use to make orders, the target was to make the internal pro- cess smooth by involving a system that would help in Stock and Ware- house Management. This would be in parallel alongside a custom wallet solution for end Users that can be for multiple purposes.

Enterprise Pay: A digital wallet App

An e-wallet that would allow Customers to manage money digitally and have hassle free experience while making payments in the Ecommerce Application. Further extension to this wallet with API to support any other applications that would like to take support of this digital wallet is in place currently.

  • Users can add money into their wallet using Debit / Credit Card.
  • Purchase products without any bank inter- ruptions by making use of amount available in the wallet.
  • Ability to integrate wallet with other applica- tions or websites by using the services pro-vided via an API.
  • Transparency of the transactions with list of funds that are arriving in and going out of the wallet.
  • Request a payment to your bank, that will add money directly in to the bank account of the wallet holder.
  • Request Payout option for any refunds that need deposit in wallet by Vendors.
  • Schedule Payouts to Bank Account to with- draw money from wallet to bank accounts at specific durations.
  • Verify Bank account details to increase secu- rity for adding and depositing digital money in to Bank.

Enterprise Stock: Web and Mobile based stock and Warehouse Management

Predominantly web-based system that allows managing of the Stock transac- tions and Warehouse data. The supporting mobile application to provide re- porting and update transactions in real time.

  • Order placed by customers on the website to be verified against the Stock availability in Warehouse
  • Advanced Search and filtering of data based on multiple criteria in both web and Mobile applications
  • Shipping Time calculated based on the Warehouse from where items would be picked up
  • Record purchase orders and keep track of incoming orders in schedule and record payment status
  • Mobile Application to input the in and out transactions from stock that come in real time, which can be approved later
  • QR code scan for identifying the location at Warehouse and products while entering data to avoid possibility of a Human error

After establishment of Stock management system, further extension to support logistics system was developed, which could provide customers with an update regarding status of their shipment. Enterprise Transfer is the solution, which would handle that purpose.

At time when discussions were underway for Enterprise Transfer, it was already 1.5 years since the last visit and some things were clearly changed. There was yet another trip scheduled to the client's location to study the changes they have made to their processes. Alongside the changes, there were certain updates recommended by AppsDevPro for the Enterprise Transfer application done as below.

Enterprise Transfer: A delivery app for Agents

A mobile application for the Logistics agents for actively updating the status of order during every stage of the delivery process.

  • Ability to get an digital authentication from the customer by taking his signature on the device
  • List the deliveries in the specific order for agent to pick up from warehouse or deliver to customer.
  • Leave a message in the application if unable to deliver, which will send a notification to the customer with relevant details.
  • Diffrent roles access for agents that are available at the warehouse and the agents that are available to deliver.

A complete solution for an ecommerce company has been in place for han- dling all the transactions right from the front-end customer placing orders and making payments until the agents managing and updating the shipping status in real time via a mobile application.

Raising to the level of a go-to ecommerce site in their space meanwhile, they also have lined up an application that allows purchasing e-books and reading them from the application itself.

eCommerce Mobility Solutions

News Stand — Digital Book: e-Book purchase and Reader

A news stand application to purchase and organize all the books purchased from the ecommerce website along with a reader option.

  • Automatically organize the books purchased from the application based on different categories
  • Make payments using credit or debit card or select wallet payment
  • Favorite or highlight certain books and add them to reading now list to find them easily on the top
  • Zoom in and out of the pages of E-book
  • Navigate to a specific Chapter, page or section of the e-book
  • Bookmark pages in the e-book section and refer to those pages at ease
  • Prevent User from taking screenshots of the book to prevent copyrights
  • Integrated dictionary to find details regarding certain words

Maintenance and Upgrades are currently under way for this customer, taking care of the customer feedbacks, staying up to date with the updating technology and devices.

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