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Digital Money Bank
Digital Money Bank

There have been countless examples of BLE in action. It has only been in the last few years that brands have really started to tap into the potential of BLE solutions.

While focusing on digital devices that have become a new fashion statement today, AppsDevPro got an excellent opportunity to develop a unique & classic project named “Digital Money Bank” thatlets children experience tangible wealth. This tool can help kids to learn how to set goal & the value of saving along with an opportunity to track their activities too.

It all starts as:

  • The main subject was allowance and the fact that kids would grow up with little or no contact with physical money like bills and coins. So there was an innovative idea to make kids financially literate in a fun and engaging way.
  • AppsDevPro was approached to develop an application, which will interact with the modern BLE enabled piggy bank that was already available with the client. This piggy bank team wanted to provide an application, which works with a companion digital piggy bank allowing parents to create an account for their child.
  • This app allows anyone with access the ability to deposit money into the child's account through a simple interface. Upon receiving money as deposit, the bank gives a notification, letting child know that they have earned some cash.
  • The ultimate goal is to teach children the value of money, and through the app, create goals to work toward earning it.
  • As we know, children learn better when they can touch, see and hear. Digital Money Bank provides convenient access to digital money. This is a powerful tool, which allows parents & relatives to download the app & join the conversation to make kids financially wise beyond their years.
Digital Money Bank

App & Piggy Bank: (Key Features)

  • A two-sided parent and child portal to engage children in conversations about money and the value of things.
  • Teaches kids the importance of saving money while showing them how to set and prioritize spending for both small and large goals.
  • Parents can take part in their kid‘s exciting journey by sending an allowance and receiving notifications.
  • This digital savings bank allows children to save Bitcoin and other currencies through its mobile application and its electronic piggy device.
  • A platform for setting and reaching goals by saving money for them.
  • Supports Digital Money and Multilingual Functionality.
  • Digital Piggy bank makes digital money tangible.
  • Once money added to an account, user will receive a notification and piggy bank lights up & sounds happy.

During project execution, the main challenge faced by AppsDevPro was with the integration of Firmware to connect Piggy bank with Mobile application. There were some fundamental issues with Firmware shared and AppsDevPro made sure to have round of brainstorming sessions with client to ensure Firmware will work completely fine with the application architecture and features & functionality.

Our team worked collectively and successfully completed this new idea come in real. Additionally, considering the scope & usefulness of BLE technology, we are unleashing our power to increase our knowledge within this industry continuously.

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